10 Awesome Staycation Ideas: Cheap, Easy-To-Organize Summer Activities Right In Your Own Backyard

Everyone wants a vacation! Escape the routine and plan for fun. Engage the whole family into awesome, yet affordable ways of staycationing, right in your own backyard.

As staycation became a huge hit since the recession in 2007, there are amazing ideas you can plan and organize to make the most exciting and the most memorable summer for your kids.

STAY-ing at home for that va-CATION can simply start with hiring a cleaner or a househelp who can stay with you for the whole day and clean up after you’ve gone all out in the activities you organized. Doing household chores is not a good vacation idea.

Turn off the phone and email; do not let anyone or anything ruin your staycation!

1.    GET WET – Cool down in the backyard pool or simply turn on the sprinkler. Play outside.

2.    TAKE FAMILY PHOTOS – Selfies are a warm-up! Take family photos wearing costumes. Wacky poses never grow old.

3.    MAKE DINNER AN EVENT – Get the kids involved in deciding for a theme. Recycle old costumes and cook for that themed menu for the best gastronomic experience!

4.    HOST YOUR OWN FILM FEST – Ask the kids what movies they want to catch up on and combine it with your own list. Do not forget the popcorn.

5.    CAMP IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD – Setup the tent and stargaze. Have fun teaching the kids about the constellations. This can also be the best time to read stories to your kids. When was the last time you did this without sleeping before you reach the they-lived-happily-ever-after part?

6.    ARTS AND CRAFTS – Spend the afternoon getting creative. Guide your kids in an art project or teach them a simple D-I-Y concept that they can use or hang in the walls of their bedrooms.

7.    GET A MASSAGE AT HOME – There are spas and massage salons that also cater to kids. Nail art can be a bonus.

8.    HOST A BARBECUE PARTY WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS AND THEIR KIDS -Organize a potluck barbecue with your closest neighbor-fiends and ask them to have lunch with you bringing their family recipe of salads, steaks and desserts.

9.    BIKE AROUND THE VILLAGE – If you don’t have enough bikes for the whole family, try renting tandem bikes where you can have your kid sit in your front or rear.

Minimum calories burned in an hour – 420. So do not fret on eating 2 slices of French toast for breakfast (maple syrup included)!

10. MAKE FINDERS KEEPERS GAME AN ADVENTURE – Hide some clues around the house that will make them solve a puzzle. Plant some rewards that they can keep.

Staycation is all about having fun and relaxation. So make this summer count by letting the whole family experience and discover new things that will not make you spend too much.

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