’22 Jump Street’ Channing Tatum And Jonah Hill Bromance Continues

“22 Jump Street” is set to hit theaters tomorrow, and we must say that most of those who watched the prequel should be beyond excited for the sequel.

The Boston Globe called the film “a hugely enjoyable shambles,” and praised the sequel for being just what it is, a sequel.

“’22 Jump Street’ just wants to mess around and explode the clichés of the buddy-cop bromance genre from within. The movie takes a while to lift off, but once it does, it soars on wings of pure, dopey silliness,” writes the publication.

During an interview with

MTV News, stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill shared their ways on handling comedic action, which viewers will reportedly be able to experience a lot of in the film.

“I would say quite different philosophies. One of us, I’m not going to tell you which one, likes doing them, and is really good at them,” stated Hill.

The amount of stunts that Hill and Tatum are involved in is vastly different in “22 Jump Street,” which reportedly leads to Hill calling Tatum “Spider-Man.”

“[It] proved to be a really dumb idea I had in the first one. I was like, yeah, I’m all in! First time I’m in a comedy, I’m going for it! Next thing I know, I’m diving over a couch, expecting Jonah to dive over the couch on day one of filming the first movie,” said Tatum.

He added, “And then Jonah just runs up to the couch and goes, ‘nope, not doing that!'”

Hill finished the story, stating, “And [I] just walk[ed] around the couch. And everyone started laughing, and I was like, oh cool, I’ll just do this for the next two movies!”

Tatum added, “This is why I’m dumb. He’s smart in this movie.”

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