’22 Jump Street’ Full Movie: Are Rumors Of ’23 Jump Street’ Happening Soon True? Interview With Movie Directors Reveal That Major Parts Of The Flick Are Improvised! Watch The Full Movie

“22 Jump Street” full movie has only been released on the big screen for two weeks.  But, the comedy hit is not stopping breaking box office records.

Watch “22 Jump Street” full movie in theaters!

A lot of things about the movie has been revealed in an exclusive interview with directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Slashfilm.com reports: Well, at first we were pretty skeptical about it to be honest, I think healthily so. But as we thought more about it and worked with the writers, and , we figured out that there was something interesting about how hard it was to make a sequel, and then asking ourselves why it’s so hard to make a sequel, and the parallels between that and why it’s so hard to have a sequel in real life, in a relationship, as in like, how do you recreate the magic of the first time. That seemed really interesting to us, to blend those two themes, and that seemed to be a way in and it made us excited and think that there might be a way to do it in a way that wasn’t terrible. Actually, a surprisingly large amount of it was improvised. A lot of jokes came on the set. We had an amazing cast of really gifted improvisers and we filled out the rest of the cast with even a bunch of real ringers like who was one of the few people who could improvise so quickly and so funny that just kept on his heels. There was a lot, and a lot of the credit of the humor goes to everybody in the cast for being able to play around and bounce off each other. You’ll have to ask the studio what the odds are, and hopefully people like the movie enough that that’s warranted. I’m sure we’ll find a way to be involved in some way. But what we really want is a nap. Yeah, it seems like our career is based on an extended dare, but really, it’s just that we get inspired by challenges and it’s sometimes a puzzle that’s hard to solve gets our brains going and seems interesting. It would be nice at some point to do something that people expect to be good. Although then with high expectations come a lot more pressure. Well, we’re going to be directing some episodes of this summer, and after that hopefully we’ll do , and we’re still trying to figure out what’s going to come after that.

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Watch “22 Jump Street” full movie in theaters!

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