250 New Emoji’s Set To Be Released! Middle Finger, Floppy Disks And More Lead The Lists!

The Unicode Consortium revealed that there will be 250 new emojis to be released next month as part of their Unicode 7.0 software update. Among the long lists of emojis will be the middle finger, three kinds of floppy disks and joysticks, a report said.

Also adding to the new emojis, or also known as pictographic symbols, are the Vulcan symbol, two people making out, rolled newspaper, and admission tickets. There will also be a John Travolta-like disco dancer, a spy, a spider web and thermometer emojis as part of the debuting 2,834 new characters in the recent update this July.

According to the the Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit organization that oversees the coding standards for written computer text, will be offering emojis that

However, the report added, “It’s up to smart phone makers to decide whether they will support this or any new emoji in future software updates, so don’t expect to be able to send these new emoji right away.”

The report also added that, “Now that the 7.0 character set has been released, it’s up to various companies to update their software to support the new emojis,” as most businesses use electronic and cellular communications for work through texts, chats, emails and social media posts.

But though hundreds of emojis are being presented on software updates, arguments are raised over the past couple of years on the updates saying that it lacks emojis of people from different races representing various nationalities.

The Apple company said in March that they are closely working with the Unicode Consortium to come up with such emojis to represent diversity.

“Because there are concerns regarding the emoji characters for people, proposals are being developed by Unicode Consortium members to provide more diversity,” the consortium said.

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