5 Reasons ‘Silicon Valley’ Must Be Watched [VIDEO]; Big Names In Silicon Valley Praise Show

Season 1 of “Silicon Valley” has ended, but that doesn’t change the fact that everyone should still do everything they can to watch the show.

Season 1 of the show has kicked off with a more than strong start, with even the biggest names in Silicon Valley praising the show, according to Fox News.

“I live it every week. We cannot take ourselves too seriously,” stated Silicon Valley venture capitalist Barry Schuler, former CEO of America Online.

Schuler explained that the characters of season 1, who are clearly the most socially awkward people of all, are an accurate parody of the tech community in Silicon Valley.

“We don’t fit into normal social circles, you know what I mean? What we do is clearly done by a self-selecting group of people who like to sit in dark rooms and write code and make the world a better place,” stated Schuler.

Devon Crews, head of marketing for Santa Clara, California-based Citrix Startup Accelerator hasn’t missed an episode of “Silicon Valley.”

“Some love it. Some love to hate it, but everyone agrees that it is LOLfunny,” says Crews.

“Silicon Valley” has been renewed for a second season by HBO.

For those who haven’t watched the show yet, below are the reasons you absolutely should.

#1. You’ll learn that creativity is something that comes naturally, through the use of nature’s tools.

#4. You’ll learn how to deal with serious, awkward situations.

#5. You’ll know who to call when kids are being mean to you.

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