A New, Download-Ready The Witcher 3 Trailer, Release Date Confirmed For February 2015! E3 Tease Showcases High-Definition Graphics And Gameplay Not For The Faint Of Heart

With The Witcher 3 trailer, release date updated at the E3, developers delivered to audience expectations with a tease that’s truly next generation.

Over three minutes of high-definition footage was showcased at the E3 event this week, a confirmation of CD Projekt Red’s efforts to release a game fans of the series can be proud of.

The release date for the latest Witcher installment has been delayed due to development issues. Projekt Red wanted to ensure the game is deserving of the technology of its platforms, in graphic quality and in scale.

The trailer released at E3 is available to view online, with a video posted to browse and download. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt video comes at 1080p with a very high bitrate, and the download file is huge at 1.63 Gigabytes. Gamers who missed out on the E3 reveal can now sample the trailer on their own PCs (



The Witcher 3 trailer release date is still slated at February 24, 2015, a long wait for RPG fans who’d like to sample the new game’s truly open world. Previous installments were comparatively linear, and this is the first time the storyline expanded into new territories.

The trailer itself hinted of a world more impressive than SkyRim, according to insiders. CD Projekt Red claims every AI character in the Witcher 3 universe has its own day and night activities, which equates to realistic cities and towns, with “living and breathing” inhabitants.

The smallest gameplay decisions could have severe and far-reaching consequences, and the game is not for the faint of heart. In the demo, Geralt is forced to sacrifice an orphanage of children to demons to further his mission. If the tease is any indication of the game’s final version, then The Witcher 3 trailer release date should offer an RPG title that’s truly worth the long wait (



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