A New Leaf” Choi Il Wha’s Amnesia

A New Leaf" Choi Il Wha's Amnesia
A New Leaf" Choi Il Wha's Amnesia

Choi Il Wha showed initial symptoms of stage one of Alzheimer’s.

On the 11 episode of MBC Wednesday/Thursday drama “A New Leaf” broadcast on June 11, Kim Shin Il (played by Choi Il Wha ) who is Kim Suk Joo (played by Kim Myung Min)’s father showed eccentric actions that were off.

On this day, Kim Shin looked at the medicine bag and was confused saying, “Did I have medicine today?”  More than this, he couldn’t remember what had happened right before as he said, “What was I going to do now.  I completely forget.”

At this time, his son Kim Suk Joo appeared, who is an ace attorney of a prominent law firm.  He looked at Kim Shin Il with a medicine bag in his hand and asked whether he was going to have medicine.  At this, the medicine bag had on his, “Take it in the morning and in the evening” with a date.  Kim Suk Joo was in awe asking, “Why did you write this?”  Nonetheless, Kim Shin Il said that at tiems, you need to remind yourself and hid the fact that he was symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Meanwhile, on this day, Kim Suk Joo started to reflect on his past actions and wrote a resignation letter to the firm he worked in that was operated by Cha Young Woo (played by Kim Snag Joong).  Afterwards, he promised his fiancée Yoo Jung Sun (played by Chae Jung Ahn) that he would work passionately to defend her.

Meanwhile, ”

” is about an ace lawyer of a law firm losing his memory in an accident and looking back on his own life.

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