A New Leaf” Kim Myung Min Contemplates About Choi Jung Ahn

A New Leaf" Kim Myung Min Contemplates About Choi Jung Ahn
A New Leaf" Kim Myung Min Contemplates About Choi Jung Ahn

Kim Myung Min’s dilemma.

On June 11, MBC Wednesday/Thursday drama “A New Leaf” released a picture.

In the picture, there was nothing that Suk Joo (played by Kim Myung Min) can do and was in contemplation.  He wanted to go visit his fiancée Jugn Sun (played by Chae Jung Ahn) who was arrested.  On this day, there were people that were subject to pain because of the illegal CPs that Yoo Rim Group had provided and they started to express their desire to survive.

In the past, Suk Joo only regarded Jung Sun as a subject of his future wedding.  However, he had lost his memory after an accident and regardless of his intention, he said that it was necessary to protect Jung Sun as he had turned a new leaf.  However, between the two of them, there was a dark shadow.  Jung Sun took on all the blame and started to face a dramatic situation.  At this, Jung Sun thought that Suk Joo was the only source of redemption.  Before he was an attorney, he considered Jung Sun as a woman and person and was protecting her.

Nonetheless, he couldn’t just keep running because of Jung Sun.  Because of the CP that Yoo Rim Group had given, there were many casualties.  At the end of the cliff, these victims came to Suk Joo in shock.

Meanwhile, ”

” is about an ace lawyer of a law firm losing his memory in an accident and looking back on his own life.

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