A New Leaf” Kim Myung Min Resigns From Law Frim

A New Leaf" Kim Myung Min Resigns From Law Frim
A New Leaf" Kim Myung Min Resigns From Law Frim

Kim Myung Min issued a resignation letter to Kim Sang Joong.

On the 11 episode of MBC Wednesday/Thursday drama “A New Leaf” broadcast on June 11, Kim Suk Joo (played by Kim Myung Min)’s who is the ace attorney of the law firm operated by Cha Young Woo (played by Kim Sang Joong) issued a resignation letter.

On this episode, Kim Suk Joo learned that in the past before his amnesia, he was, to a certain extent, involved with the illegal issuance of Yoo Rim Groups’ illegal CPs. Because of this, he reflected on his actions and felt that he had a significant piece of the blame of the current situation.

At this, Kim Suk Joo went to the executive Cha Young Woo and handed him a resignation letter.  At this, he requested the following.  He requested that he would not be part of the court proceeding this time.  Nonetheless, he wanted Yoo Rim group to change their position and either exonerate Jung Sun (played by Chae Jung Ahn), or in the alternative, have the coordinator punished.

Kim Suk Joo also suggested that if this doesn’t happen, he would go ahead and advocate for Yoo Jung Sun.  He added that if this flows in such direction, Yoo Rim group would fall to the ground.

In addition, before this, Yoo Jung Sun who is the granddaughter of Yoo Rim Group took on the sole responsibility and blame for the incident involving illegal CPs and was arrested in prison.

Meanwhile, ”

” is about an ace lawyer of a law firm losing his memory in an accident and looking back on his own life.

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