A New Leaf” Kim Sang Joong Picks Kim Myung Min

A New Leaf" Kim Sang Joong Picks Kim Myung Min
A New Leaf" Kim Sang Joong Picks Kim Myung Min

Kim Myung Min and Kim Sang Joong look like they’ll be enemies.

On the 9 episode of MBC Wednesday/Thursday drama “A New Leaf” (script Choi Hee Ra, director Park Jae Beom) broadcast on May 30, Cha Young Woo (played by Kim Sang Joong) started to get rid of Kim Suk Joo (played by Kim Myung Min) as an enemy.

As Suk Joo started to change after showing symptoms of memory loss.  Young Woo then judged that this was no longer necessary.  Suk Joo didn’t have any blood or tears and with this as a start, he started to change as a person.  His personality was much different and the way he approached cases was different as well.

Young Woo judged that Suk Joo’s change was detrimental to the law firm because it was as if Young Woo was the symbol of the law firm.  He suggested to Jun Ji Won (played by Jin Yi Han), the judge to come into the company.  Ji Won who was sharper than anything assumed that there was a change with Suk Joo.

Ji Won met Young Woo and said, “I contemplated all night long and I thought about why this is me.  But I think the question is different now.  Did something happen at work?  Did something change about Kim Suk Joo’s presence at work?” and asked about the key point.

At this, Young Woo answered, “You’re precisely right.  Now, Kim Suk Joo will leave the Cha Young Woo law firm for a personal reason.”  He had a plan to get rid of Kim Suk Joo.

At this, Young Woo said, “Kim Suk Joo will leave the company soon.  If I wait for the supreme justice seat in fifteen years, I will work hard” and made a dramatic suggestion.  Ji Won said that she would take in Young Woo’s suggestion and said, “This is when you realize that this is one of the three largest and most powerful situation in the country.”

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