A New Leaf” Park Min Young’s First Defense

A New Leaf" Park Min Young's First Defense
A New Leaf" Park Min Young's First Defense

“A New Leaf” Park Min Young started to experience growing pains as an attorney.

On the 9 episode of MBC Wednesday/Thursday drama “A New Leaf” (script Choi Hee Ra, director Park Jae Beom) broadcast on May 30, the intern fo the best law firm Lee Ji Yoon (played by Park Min Young) started to have an opportunity to take on a pro bono (free case and legal advice) and with the advice of Jun Ji Won (played by Jin Yi Han), he took part in a national open trial.

On this day of “A New Leaf” Ji Yoon started to defend the son of the Lee Sung Chul who had a murder charge.  Lee Sung Chul had an alibi but had confessed that he had killed his wife.

Ji Yoon used this as evidence and defended Jong Soo saying, “Who in the world would confess to killing his wife when he didn’t.”

Then again, he said, “If you knew it was his father, then that’s familial murder.  However, they were exposed to continuous torture and made them think, “Mom could die like this and so could I” as they persuaded that this was not a father but just someone to get away from.

As a result, the judge sentenced Lee Jong Suk to five years of imprisonment. However, even when the trial was finished, he saw Jong Soo shaking his hand and felt that something was wrong.

Afterwards, Suk Joo said to Ji Yoon, “In the end, there’s a high possibility that the person that killed the daughter was not Sung Chul but Lee Jong Soo.” At this, he explained, “Lee Sang Chul had an alibi and the only person to protect him was his son.”  If this was true, it’d be that Ji Yoon had defended a murderer.

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