‘A New Leaf” The Downsides Of Bad Ratings

'A New Leaf" The Downsides Of Bad Ratings
'A New Leaf" The Downsides Of Bad Ratings

Kim Myung Min is a person that is a protagonist with such great skills in his tight story that he take on great roles.  The three beats that MBC Wednesday/Thursday drama “A New Leaf” has is great with its directing, acting, and storyling but the ratings are still only at 10%.  Until now, it hasn’t gone further than that.  Is that too much to ask for?

On the 10 episode of June 5, Suk Joo (played by Kim Myung Min) turns from an evil attorney to a humanitarian attorney and there is a risky situation.  His fiancée is the granddaughter of the Yoo Rim Group, Jung Sun (played by Chae Jung Ahn) and the Chief Producer of Yoo Rim Group was arrested and he is pressured by the prosecutor.

Yoo Rim is the greatest company in the country but they try too hard with the management and there was only a gloss without substance.  However, the management gets stopped and the losses were so high that it was like a lantern in front of a wind.  As this went on the CEO of the Yoo Rim Group Jae Yoon (played by Jung Han Yong said that, “If the loss is so great, there needs to be a political sacrifice.  Without a prior offense, there will be no offense” and put all the blame on the granddaughter.

As there was a risky situation, Suk Joo tries to save the fiancée. Suk Joo’s law firm tries hard secretly to put obstacles in the middle to make sure that the financial situation doesn’t explode and the prosecutors who had been looking at Suk Joo look at the suspicious activity and even confiscate property.

Here, Suk Joo transforms into a humanitarian lawyer and makes a prediction to Jung Sun who is shaking at the possible judgement.

This raised the tension of “A New Leaf” with its tight storyline about the court scenes and reality that makes a guilty plea innocent. With the expertise it brings on the legal drama, it raises the amusement for viewers.

Meanwhile, ”

” is about an ace lawyer of a law firm losing his memory in an accident and looking back on his own life.

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