A New Leaf” Why Chae Jung Ahn Got Engaged

A New Leaf" Why Chae Jung Ahn Got Engaged
A New Leaf" Why Chae Jung Ahn Got Engaged

“A New Leaf” Chae Jung Ahn thinks about the past with Kim Myung Min.

A New leaf Chae Jung Ahn.

“A New Leaf” Chae Jung Ahn is thinking about the  past with Kim Myung Min and attracting attention.

On the 9 episode of MBC Wednesday/Thursday drama “A New Leaf” (script Choi Hee Ra, director Park Jae Beom) broadcast on May 30, after memory loss, the heiress of the Yurim Group Yoo Jung Sun (played by Chae Jung Ahn) started to meet Kim Suk Joo (played by Kim Myung Min) regularly as the two had been engaged.

On this day of “A New Leaf” Ji Yoon started to defend the son of the Lee Sung Chul who had a murder charge.  Lee Sung Chul had an alibi but had confessed that he had killed his wife.

On this episode, Kim Suk Joo said, “There’s something I’m curious about.  Did I even love Jung Sun.  It’s not a raging love but there must be a special emotion and trust.  So he must have though about marriage.”

At this, Yoo Jung Sun answered, “I think there must’ve been feelings about marriage.  I don’t like you either so I don’t know about his feelings” as she reflected on the past.

Kim Suk Joo thought about the proposal of the past and said, “You’ll get to develop love if you get married. As much as you need” and showed that it was an obligatory relationship with Yoo Jung Sun.  In the end, Kim Suk Joo revealed that he was accepted as a fiancée and this made them curious about the relationship in the future.

At Chae Jung Ahn and Kim Myung Min’s past, netizens said, “A New Leaf Chae Jung Ahn, will the two fall in love?” “A New Leaf Chae Jung Ahn, will she get closer to Kim Myung Min who got nicer?” “A New Leaf Chae Jung Ahn, it was an obligatory relationship” they said.

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