A November iPad Air 2 Release Date, Slimmer Build And With The A8 Chip! Apple To Pair The Launch With Its 4.7 and 5.5-Inch iPhone Release? Insider Offers The Latest Info Leaks

The iPad Air 2 release date looms in a few months, if Apple’s schedule trend carries through; specs improved over the iPad Air should give Samsung’s next big offering worthy competition.

More reports are starting to leak out of the Apple camp, especially in terms of the next generation of iPad’s specs. Apple’s release dates are quite predictable, and insiders safely assume the iPad Air 2 will be launched Q4 2014, in the same way the first iPad Air was launched November last year.

The news builds momentum for Apple’s next wave of mobile devices, especially with reports it is launching two iPhone handsets before the end of 2014. The iPhones are also departures of Apple’s standard specs in terms of display size, with 4.7 and 5.5-inch handsets to offer.

Expectations for the iPad Air 2 in this report:

While the display resolution of the iPad Air 2 is speculated to stay the same at 2048 x 1536 pixels, it will offer upgrades significant to merit a new device. An A8 chip should ensure efficiency, especially in terms of extending battery life; the camera is also boosted to 8MP main, up to 1.5MP internal.

A slimmer build is expected come the iPad Air 2 release date, around November. First peeks of the device in its prototype (or mockups) confirm the possibility of a thinner iPad Air 2, with a display integrated into the front panel. These are assembled as separate parts in the current design.

A new, interesting feature involves biometric tech, built for security and accessibility. The iPad has been confirmed as one of the devices included in the Biometric Kit release for the iOS 7.1, which means it’s likely upgrades of the feature will be optimized in devices rolled out in the coming months (



It’s safe to assume the TouchID button in the iPhone 5s will be carried through in upcoming devices, and early pictures of the new iPad Air design hint adding the feature is doable. The iPad Air 2 release date may not offer a groundbreaking device, but an upgrade that’s worth the investment just the same.

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