Absolutely Free Destiny PlayStation 4 Beta Game On The PS Now? Alpha Release Offers ‘Full’ Version Of The Title Available For Download, Prior To Release Date! E3 Reveals And More

Sony’s PlayStation Now portal has inadvertently offered the “full” Destiny PlayStation 4 Beta game to subscribers absolutely free.

Some of the best things in life are free. Many are otherwise too good to be true, as evidenced by a PS Now glitch for an Alpha version of Destiny, an upcoming PlayStation 4 title.

Destiny’s public Alpha comes with a redeemable code received via email. Keying in the code on the PS4 is supposed to yield content exclusives, and some who took advantage of this were surprised with the reward.

Users who used the code received an unlikely PlayStation Now prompt: “You have successfully upgraded the trial version of Destiny’s First Look Alpha to the full game. You don’t need to download anything. You can now launch the full game from the content area.”

The message seems straightforward enough, but the wording is actually a glitch on the PS Now’s system. The “full game” unlocked isn’t really a final copy of the game, but a sampling of Destiny’s First Look Alpha. The PSN glitch didn’t consider the difference between the versions, which explains the confusion (



The Destiny PlayStation 4 Beta is slated for a July 17 release date, according to Sony. Preorders are now accommodated prior to the release, though the launch for the final version is yet to be confirmed.

Destiny is released by Bungie, the company responsible for the successful release of Halo installments. With the latter series’ franchise now in Microsoft’s hands, Bungie is set to release a first-person shooter complemented by a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game element.

As part of Sony’s many E3 reveals, the title will hit the stores this Fall; more notably, it’ll come bundled with a white PlayStation 4. Slated for a September 9 release, the bundle comes with a white PS4 and controller (with a black front touchpad), a copy of Destiny, and a 30-day trial subscription to PlayStation Plus, Sony’s online service portal (



Players will have to settle for a Destiny PlayStation 4 Beta prior to the title’s final release.

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