Aerosmith New Album 2014, Steve Tyler Confirmed They’re Not Disbanded, More Concert Tours Lined Up!

Aerosmith New Album 2014
Aerosmith New Album 2014


Finally, the rumors are over! Aerosmith New Album 2014 was confirmed by the legendary rock icon, Steven Tyler.

He told Bilboard that even there is a  long delayed for the solo album, the band is still working on their 2014 album.

The lead vox and his band, Aerosmith, current tour includes countries in the U.S., Japan, South America and Mexico, and each of them has set a date and schedule.This is a good news for fans who are waiting for the band’s next album, as well as the upcoming solo album of Steve Tyler.

The lead singer also stated in Rolling Stone that he wanted “to take a little risk” by working with Deadmau5, the EDM hero who wears a giant mouse head during performances.

It is another good sign for Aerosmith fans as it appears that the band’s recent turbulence may be over. Their last year album ‘Music From Another Dimension!’ album was a step in the right direction, and Tyler is confident that the album and the tour helped get the band back on track.

Recently, Tyler and Joe Perry were inducting into Songwriters Hall of Fame, and Aerosmith have a new DVD documentary that  came out last July 23, 2014. The documentary is about their 2011 tour of Japan. They are truly busy this year. From Tyler’s solo to collaborations with Elton John and Johnny Depp which  is planned next year.

Moreover, according to Mstarz, Tyler went to Moscow to judge Miss Universe 2013.

On TheUltimateClassicRock post, Tyler declared on WZLX that, “the Boston vibe is back”. This statement has been said after the Red Sox defeated the Cardinals in the 2013 World Series.

There is also a rumor that  Aerosmith was already disbanded but the lead vox confirmed that it is just a hoax.

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