Alien Isolation Trailer Rips Out Screams and Shrieks At E3 2014; [VIDEO] Demo Play Pits Fans Against One Predator, Throws Them Into The Thick Of The Tension

The Alien Isolation trailer doesn’t disappoint in terms of suspense.

The title’s primary draw is plainly stated; the player is up against one alien xenomorph, a departure from the mow-’em-down gameplay of previous installments in the Alien franchise.

The game is faithful to the original Alien movie by Ridley Scott, involving a crew stuck on a spaceship, stalked by a stealthy, deadly xenomorph. Initial perception about the game was lackluster, as fans and critics were doubtful the game will stand on its own with such a limited premise.

Trial runs at the E3 floor say otherwise. The demo offered to anyone willing enough to participate involves immersion into the gameplay using the Oculus Rift.

The virtual visor helped isolate participants from the bustle of a crowded E3 floor, and puts them smack in the thick of the suspense. Straightforward tasks like reaching a switch become nerve-wracking with the danger of imminent death ever-present.

Initially, the Alien Isolation trailer teased players on what to expect in terms of gameplay. Initial reviews of demo play confirm the game is just as tense with one xenomorph present.

Temptations like proximity to a flamethrower become traps. Stealth is the name of the game, and survival depends partly on luck, partly on the guts to inch one more step towards the goal (


There’s a learning curve to game, gleaned through near misses and countless deaths at the hands of the lone predator. Goals are often so near yet so far, and accomplishing missions either involves avoiding detection or throwing any projectile at the alien, and then making a run for it.

The game’s main strength is rooted in players’ separation from any weapon, similar to the premise of the movie it was based on. The Alien Isolation trailer is a step-up in thrills and tactics; Creative Assembly offers a solid title, with the demo considered at least (


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