Amazon Kindle DX vs iPad Air: Specs, Features, And Price Detailed! Which Is Worth The Purchase?

Books are a thing of yesterday. With today’s technological advancement, readers can indulge into the world of reading with ebooks. There are no better devise to run these digital books than tablets such as the iPad Air and the Kindle DX. However, only one of them can be the best medium.

GoodeReader did a comparison on both devices. The Kindle DX from Amazon is specifically built for reading. It has a 9.7” screen which features E Ink Pearl display that produces 1200×824. This really helps readers protect their eyes from the strain of reading for long hours. The downside to the Kindle DX is that it is toggled manually. There isn’t any touchscreen capability which limits the device functions.

Then there is the mighty Apple iPad Air. Measuring at 9.7”, the display is powerful to offer a perfect reading experience with its 2048x1536p resolution. On top of that, it is a touch screen device which means that readers can simply pinch and zoom or swipe across the screen to flip pages. More importantly, the iPad Air won’t limit the users to reading and has so many functions to it.

Both devices are great but we will have to go with the iPad Air on this one. The display has great brightness and is crystal clear. Zooming in won’t produce any pixels thanks to the resolution of the iPad Air.

In spite of that, there is also that factor of price. The Amazon Kindle DX is definitely much cheaper than the iPad Air. You can be the judge by checking out the comparison video below.

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