Amazon to Launch Music Streaming Feature Exclusive for Prime Members

Amazon is unveiling its newest music streaming feature that is available for free among Amazon Prime members starting Thursday, June 12.

The confirmation came after Amazon’s previous announcement that the company would also release its very own smart phone in the next couple of months.

From Thursday onwards, Amazon Prime members will have the opportunity to choose among millions of track for free streaming and download to Android and Apple devices, as well as the Kindle Fire tablet, according to the

Washington Post.

However, all the music streaming perks are only available among US residents and those who pay Amazon $99 yearly.

Also, another catch is that Amazon will not be releasing any songs from Universal Music Group, Sony Corporation and Warner Music Group, the

Wall Street Journal confirmed.

Still, Amazon’s digital music vice president, Steve Boom, promised that Prime members will still have thousands of music options to choose from.

“You’re going to see a lot of songs from the Billboard 100, but you’re not going to see a lot of new releases. There’ll be something for everybody,” Boom quipped.

Amazon’s risky venture may or may not work, considering their biggest competition, Spotify, offers millions of new releases. Pandora, another steep competition for Amazon offers their members approximately 1.5 million song choices, WSJ reported.

So what benefit exactly will Amazon Primer members have if they don’t have access to the latest tracks, specifically of artists like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga who are signed under Universal Records?

Considering that Amazon Prime members have unlimited access to a comprehensive video library and book lending library, the new music streaming feature may be regarded as an additional deal, Wired noted.

As a result, the new venture may lure in more Amazon members to continue being a member and purchase even more products from the site.

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