‘American Horror Story’ Season 4 Spoilers: Michael Chiklis Joins ‘Freak Show;’ Sarah Paulson Psyched To Play Two-Headed Character?

“American Horror Story” season 4 spoilers revolve around new characters as Michael Chiklis joins “Freak Show.” Sarah Paulson meanwhile is psyched to play two-headed twins.

According to Ryan Murphy, who revealed “American Horror Story” season 4 spoilers to , Michael Chiklis will play a “strong man” who is married to Angela Bassett’s character.

“He has scenes with Angela and Jessica Lange and (onscreen ex) Kathy Bates,” the series creator told the website. “I love the part because it’s really written to be quite vulnerable, which is something I think Michael does so well – the strong man who’s vulnerable. I’m very excited to see [him] tussle with all those great ladies. And he’s really up for it, really excited about it.”

Angela Bassett earlier revealed “American Horror Story” season 4 spoilers to when she said that the producers of the series asked her if she has any issues with heights, which suggests that she could be playing a tall woman or somebody who will be in the air a lot.

“It’s going to be tough, tough, tough to surpass Marie Laveau, it really is. She was truly a special phenomenon,” Angela Bassett said, referring to her “Coven” character. “All [co-creator Ryan Murphy] has told me is I’m not the bearded lady, but he said, ‘Oh it’s better! It’s even better than that!'”

Sarah Paulson dished out major “American Horror Story” season 4 spoilers when she revealed on her Twitter that she will play two-headed conjoined twins named Bette and Dot.

She’s so psyched to play the character that posted a Photoshopped image of her with two heads which she captioned: “So excited to be playing Bette AND Dot this season. Two heads are better than one!”

However, she clarified on magazine that she will not look anything like the photo she posted on Twitter.

“Everyone thinks that is the character of Dot and Bette in terms of the way I look — that’s just what the company came up with [to] digitally show the two heads to Ryan. They used a picture of me as Lana Winters because it was in the period. So that’s not what I’ll actually look like as Dot and Bette,” she said.

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