‘American Pie’ Actor Jason Biggs Prefers Lindsay Lohan’s Boobs Over Former Co-Star Tara Reid’s? Defends Himself Over Backlash

“American Pie” actor Jason Biggs would prefer saving the life of Lindsay Lohan who “got nice boobs” than his former co-star Tara Reid’s body.

The actor was a guest in Joan River’s show “In Bed With Joan,” and played the game “Live or Die” where he had to choose between saving the life of celebrity Lindsay Lohan or former “American Pie” co-star Tara Reid, the


“American Pie” actor Jason Biggs who was promoting his latest movie “Orange Is The New Black” opted to save the “Mean Girls” actress saying, “she’s got nice boobs, she really does. Lindsay’s got nice boobs.”

Explaining further his answer, the 36-year-old actor said he would choose Lohan than his former co-star Tara Reid because of her current body, the report added.

“Tara’s body-I don’t know what’s going on with it. I don’t think she ever knows what’s going on with it,” the actor added.

After news sites began writing about his insult to the “Sharknado 2” star, Jason Biggs came up to his defenses via Twitter and blamed publications for “trying to make a feud” between them.

In his series of tweets on Friday, “American Pie” actor Jason Biggs said, “(1) The same tabloids that make a spectacle out of

@TaraReid ‘s body- insulting her without hesitation- are now trying to make a “story.”

He explained to Tara Reid that his comment was part of a comedy show and he is sorry if he had hurt her.

However, he still stressed that she should not ignore “the irony and hypocrisy that is behind these “news” sources trying to create a feud for the sole benefit of their rag publications.”

It can be recalled that it was not the first time that the actor said a piece over Tara Reid’s body.

According to the actor also insulted Tara Reid in October last year when he said the actress was a “hot mess” during an interview in one of the episodes of Bravo’s

Former co-star Tara Reid answered to the actor’s insult through Twitter saying “it’s really sad I just landed in LA and the first thing I read about you that you are calling me a hot mess. I’ve supported u!”

Jason Biggs meanwhile quickly responded saying “I love u Tara, it was a joke! Didn’t mean to offend, Totally kidding around! it was a game! Xoxoxo.”

Meanwhile, “My Boss’ Daughter” star Tara Reid has not yet answered to the actor’s apologies on Twitter for his latest insults.

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