Anderson Silva Comeback: Nick Diaz Slams ‘The Spider’s’ Trainers! Team Nogueira Behind Former Champ’s Success?

Anderson Silva’s comeback is potentially against Nick Diaz, and the elder Diaz brother had some harsh words for “The Spider’s” trainers.

The 30-year old brash welterweight from Stockton, California spoke to

about what he thinks the changes former UFC middleweight champion and top pound-for-pound fighter should do within his team.

“I’ll tell you what, I think he should fire his trainer and hire himself a boxing trainer that teaches him how to put punches out,” Diaz said. “I don’t talk no s**t. I aint trying to talk no s**t.” 

Anderson Silva’s comeback is scheduled for early 2015, with no final opponent yet. But as Nick Diaz prepares himself to be first in the list, he believes that “The Spider” is not yet due for a retirement, but must train under a different boxing coach instead.

“Of course he’s got as many fights as he wants to have, but people saying s**t like, ‘He should retire. He’s not going to be the same.’ I’m like, ‘Fire your coach and get somebody to train your punches,'” he added.

Nick Diaz has been known to stir up conflict among other fighters in order for him to land his desired match-ups. He did the same thing with former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre, hence he was able to get a title.

Anderson Silva was not spared from this, as the elder Diaz brother continued to criticize “The Spider”, this time for his performance against Chris Weidman.

“His last fight, he had punches for [Weidman], but he didn’t have no punches,” Diaz said. “That was the key. Putting punches out there but [Silva] had no punches for that guy. So then he started lobbing kicks out there and you saw what happened to his leg. He didn’t have no answer for it.”

Meanwhile, despite these criticisms, “The Spider” himself continued to laud his training partners at Team Nogueira, who have helped him achieve a successful Anderson Silva comeback.

“Here at Team Nogueira, we are family,” Silva proudly said. “Ready and determined to do that, we have to do. Never give up and never surrender. Believe that we can and like you too–believe that you can, exceed your limits, overcome problems, and believe.”

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