Android’s Latest Version Is Codenamed Lollipop; Is It More User-Friendly Than Its Predecessor?

It’s just a few days ago when Android L began to make its presence on the internet. In fact, it has already given away obvious clues on what name will this mobile platform giant will give on what’s supposedly the latest Android release.

In one tweet of, it was mentioned that the next Android version would be given the codename Lollipop. An image of the OS’s logo was also included in the post.

There are no further info yet on the latest Android version. However, according to unofficial reports, Lollipop is said to be more user-friendly compared to its predecessor. For example, can limit or prevent interruptions from notifications. Interestingly, the “Incoming Call” notification can now apparently appear on tablets, suggesting that Google is working on a deeper integration of services and devices.

Android L will have a new Quick Settings shade for faster settings accessibility, enabling users to manipulate controls with heightened authorization than the current implementation. The panel switches to a new interface element related to that preferred setting. For instance, you press the WiFi tile, and you’ll get a pane (in the same space) with a list of networks as well as the WI-/Fi toggle Android. Likewise, if you hit the battery percentage, a quick glance at battery usage data will be displayed.

While Lollipop has been officially announced, it is still not going to be available any time soon. This, however, will give phone manufacturers more time to prepare and apply updates on their products in time for the fall of 2014.

Lollipop is expected to get an overall makeover in its appearance, a new runtime, 64-bit support, kill switch functionality as well as integration with wearable, TV and home devices. New smartphones powered by This next Android version will likely make their way on the market by the  fourth quarter of 2014, otaside from the usual Nexus handset that Google launched along with a new version of Android.s

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