Angel Eyes” Jung Ji Hoon Cries At Mother’s Death

Angel Eyes" Jung Ji Hoon Cries At Mother's Death
Angel Eyes" Jung Ji Hoon Cries At Mother's Death

“Angel Eyes” Jung Ji Hoon cried passionately hearing that his mother was dead.

On the 19 episode of SBS weekend drama “Angel Eyes” broadcast on June 14, Ki Woon Chan (played by Gong Hyung Jin) explained his mother’s death to Ki Jin Mo (played by Jung Ji Hoon).

On this day, Park Hye Joo (played by Yoon Ye Joo) saw Ki Jin Mo who was sleping and was sad.  He said, “I was so sad when I was nine years old but Jin Mo lost his mother when he was five so I’m really sad.”  Teddy Suh (played by Seung Ri) said, “Even Jin Mo’s mother in heaven wouldn’t be okay with that” and comforted him.

Afterwards, Ki Jin Mo woke his mom up in the dawn of the morning and asked to call his mother on the phone.  Ki Jin Mo believed that his mother was in the U.S. and heard this conversation as he was suspicious.

Ki Jin Mo said, “I heard what Teddy and Hye Joo were saying.  That mom was in heaven.  Our mom is in the U.S. right?  Tell her to pick up the phone” and started to cry.  Then, Ki Woon Chan said to Ki Jin Mo, “I’m sorry dad wasn’t able to say the truth too soon.  Before, Mom was too sick.  At that time, Jin Mo was too young so Mom couldn’t say bye.”

However, Ki Jin Mo said, “No.  My mom’s not dead.  He’s not in heaven but in the U.S. and cried” as he made others feel unfortunate.

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