‘Angel Eyes” Kim Ji Suk Declares Confession On Jung Ae Ri

'Angel Eyes" Kim Ji Suk Declares Confession On Jung Ae Ri
'Angel Eyes" Kim Ji Suk Declares Confession On Jung Ae Ri

“Angel Eyes” Jung Ae Ri halted Kim Ji Suk.  Kim Ji Suk had been determined to confess to his crimes and Jung Ae Ri stopped him.

On the 17 episode of SBS weekend drama “Angel Eyes” broadcast on June 7, Kang Ji Woon (played by Kim Ji Suk) told others that he would confess about the hit-and-run accident in the past with Yoo Jung Wha (played by Kim Yeo Jin).  He also told this to Oh Young Ji (played by Jung Ae Ri).

On this day, Kang Ji Yoon (played by Jung Jin Young) felt guilty about the death of Yoon Jae Beom (played by Jung Jin Young).  Kang Ji Yoon said to Oh Young Ji, “The minute the director dies, you’re going to think that you’re the person that made Park Dong Joo’s mother die and will die” he complained.

At this, Kang Ji Yoon said, “Do you know how hard it was to forgive the person who deserted me and ran away?” as he was angry at the evil deeds of Oh Young Ji that were done to cover up his mistakes.

However, Oh Young Ji said, “You think you could take all of this on? Even if you were to do this over again twelvefold, I would’ve done the same” and showed a very cold attitude.

Kang Ji Woon said, “Look at what mother and I did.  As long as this way, you have to confess” and decided to confess.  Oh Young Ji said, “if you go, mother will die too. Do ou know what I did?” and cried..

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