‘Angel Eyes” Lee Sang Yoon And Koo Hye Sun’s Behind The Scenes

'Angel Eyes" Lee Sang Yoon And Koo Hye Sun's Behind The Scenes
'Angel Eyes" Lee Sang Yoon And Koo Hye Sun's Behind The Scenes

SBS “Angel Eyes” and its staff released the behind the scenes cut of Lee Sang Yoon and Koo Hye Sun.

The staff of “Angel Eyes” released on an on set picture of Lee Sang Yoon and Koo Hae Sun in their tingling sensation of love in the sweet romance scenes of the filming.

Before this, the two people shared a kiss under the moonlight and kissed a kiss of consolation with tears, a blanket kiss under the observatory, and even had a sofa kiss for the two of them on a trip.  These beautiful kisses like a painting made the hearts of viewers beat harder than before.

In the released picture, not only was Lee Sang Yoon and Koo Hae Sun’s behind the scenes cut released but there was a proposal scene where the two promised to be family members of each other as this attracted the attention of those watching.

In actuality, the reason that the scene between Lee Sang Yoon and Koo Hae Sun is attracting even more attention is because in the past episode, Soo Wan (played by Koo Hae Sun) realizes that the person who donated eyes to her is none other than Dong Joo (played by Lee Sang Yoon)’s mother Jung Wha (played by Kim Yeo Jin).  In addition, she learns that her father Jae Beom (played by Jung Jin Young) was involved in Jung Wha’s death and this unfortunate truth also faces a heartfelt separation for the two people.

The truth behind Jung Wha’s hit and run accident is bound to change the lives of all including Dong Joo, Soo Wan, and Ji Woon (played by Kim Ji Suk) as it will be interesting to see how this change their destinies.

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