‘Angel Eyes” Lee Sang Yoon Saves Jung Jin Young

'Angel Eyes" Lee Sang Yoon Saves Jung Jin Young
'Angel Eyes" Lee Sang Yoon Saves Jung Jin Young

“Angel Eyes” Lee Sang Yoon was successful in operating with Jung Jin Young.

On the 15 episode of SBS weekend drama “Angel Eyes” broadcast on May 31, Park Dong Joo (played by Lee Sang Yoon) started to start an operating of Yoon Jae Beom (played by Jung Jin Young).  The interesting thing was that Yoon Jae Beom was the person who had killed her birth mother Yoo Jung Wha (played by Kim Yeo Jin).

On this day, Yoon Jae Beom was having a conversation with Yoon Soo Wan (played by Koo Hae Sun) who had found out all the truth and had collapsed in a heart condition and fatality.  Here, Yoon Soo Wan had already left the house and Yoon Jae Beom was found by Park Dong Joo.  Park Dong Joo received a phone call by Cha Min Soo (played Joo Ahn) and went to the hosue of Yoon Soo Wan as he was worried.

Yoon Jae Beom was transported ot the hospital but there was no intention to lead the surgery.  Kang Ji Woon (played by Kim Ji Suk) suggested to Park Dong Joo to allow him to conduct the surgery and at the end of a long contemplation, Park Dong Joo wnet into the surgery room.  During the surgery, Yoon Jae Beom’s blood pressure dropped and was placed in a dangerous situation.  However, Park Dong Joo was extremely calm and saved him.  Park Dong Joo prayed to himself, “No.  This isn’t true.  I can’t send them” and prayed internally.

Kang Ji Woon who finished the surgery said, “The surgery yesterday was the best surgery regardless of whatever they said.  Whomever you put in as the doctor of Korea couldn’t be better than this” and expressed respect.  Nonetheless, Park Dong Joo said, “Is that true?  Because I couldn’t confirm. Whether I had tried my best out of the goodness of my heart or whether there was a bit of hesitation.”  He then expressed his deep resentement for Yoon Jae Beom.

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