Angelina Jolie Latest News: The ‘Maleficent’ Star Takes A Backseat, Focuses On Directing, Humanitarian Causes

The beat of today’s Angelina Jolie latest news has the “Maleficent” actress stepping out of the limelight and going behind the scenes. Jolie also has humanitarian causes to pursue and support in the coming months.

In Friday’s promotional stint for “Maleficent,” Jolie said she’ll take the backseat in performing, possibly referring to her directorial role in an upcoming Coen Brothers film “Unbroken,” a World War II epic to be released later this year. The actress made her debut as a director in 2011, in “Land of Blood and Honey.”

Jolie’s successful career in acting opened doors of opportunity, especially for worthwhile causes. She’s sustaining participation in the United Nations’ and in PSVI’s (Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative) programs. Jolie is a UN envoy, also campaigns against sexual violence.

Breakthroughs in career include an Oscar Best Supporting Actor Award for “Girl, Interrupted.” “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” is also the film where she and husband Brad Pitt’s off-screen romance started.

In personal life, raising six children (three of which are adopted), Angelina Jolie relates to her “Maleficent” character as someone breaking out of a mold. “[It’s] so much fun to play such a wicked character.” The movie is a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty tale, revolving around its iconic villain.

In line with many reboot and retold films of late, “Maleficent” explores the gray morals between good and evil. The movie highlights the humanity of the villain, to bring her down to earth as someone audiences (even children) can relate to.

The actress does confirm a story’s goal is a good moral, but not necessarily one which is black or white, good or evil. She and Brad Pitt filter the kind of programs and movies they allow their children to watch.

Jolie will attend June’s four-day summit on wartime violence, attended by representatives of 141 countries. This initiative is in light of the recent Nigerian kidnappings. The full story on Angelina Jolie latest news is available in

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