Apple Inc. To Enter Into Virtual Reality Arena? Acquires 3D Animation Company Faceshift.

Apple Inc. To Enter Into Virtual Reality Arena? Acquires 3D Animation Company Faceshift.

Apple Inc. To Enter Into Virtual Reality Arena? Acquires 3D Animation Company Faceshift.

Apple Inc., technology giant, recently acquired Faceshift, 3D animation company to make a way into the Artificial Intelligence field and Virtual Reality Technology, according to Tech Crunch .
The acquisition details like money spend and stakes acquired, are yet to be publicised. 

Faceshift is a small start-up company from Zurich, which specializes in the field of 3D animation to confine a person’s facial expression in real time. After the acquisition, the animation company’s employee will now work for Apple outside the European Continent.
The rumours that Apple is thinking of entering the virtual reality field, were reported since the start of 2015. “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans,” said Apple’s spokesperson during a press conference, as quoted by The Daily Mail .
Faceshift’s motion-capture technology uses in-depth cameras to capture human expressions and transmit them into any animated character. It is used to improvise gaming experience. It enables the gamers to modify the expressions of the characters in the game with their own and enjoy a more realistic experience.
The technology from the 3D animation enterprise is also helpful in the area of filming. It helps to animate any character in the film to impersonate facial expressions of real life actors.
According to BBC News, the company is also known for its artificial intelligence modulations, which help to improve security and reduce thefts. Faceshift’s technology has been incorporated in various games and movies till date. It was recently utilized in the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” film, where the alien characters impersonated more human like traits and expressions.
The latest acquisition is expected to help Apple to improve its gaming experience for its iPhone users and also provide advanced security features in its applications. There are speculations that it may also help the technology giant to enter into the “Virtual Reality” arena, as all of its top competitors like Google, Facebook and Samsung have already marked their presence in such field, reported Tech Crunch.
Samsung has already invented a “Gear VR” headset and entered the virtual reality race. Google has devised “Google Cardboard” and affordable “VR visor,” while Facebook has announced a new product “Oculus Rift Headset” which will be launched in 2016.

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