Apple iWatch Concept Design, Release Date: October Launch, 2.5″ OLED Touch Interface, Moto360-Like Circular Design

The Apple iWatch concept design has been hotly anticipated for a very long time. In the latest news about Apple’s wearable device, Taiwan’s Quanta Computer will be the iWatch maker and sources say Apple will introduce a smartwatch with a 2.5″ display. Projecting out from the wrist band, the iWatch will be arched and will feature wireless charging and touch interface.

The smart device will be comprised of an OLED display that can connect to a iOS device in order to stay in touch with notifications that are usually read on your iPhone or iPad.

According to a publication that has been ‘dead-on’ in terms of Apple releases, Apple appears to be hovering around October as the date to release the iWatch. The smartwatch that is long overdue from Apple will be equipped with Healthkit and Health developer toolkits along with iOS 8 applications unveiled at WWDC 2014.

Sources close to the story say Apple will ship 50 million iWatch units in the first year but in the usual case Apple will have to decide how many units to ship after looking at sales and profits.

With Samsung, and other top smartphone makers already on the ‘smartwatch bandwagon,’ analysts have the feeling that if Apple fails to release an iWatch this year, the concept would be obsolete.

That could be true but Apple traditionally is full of surprises. Initially, talks of an iPhone 6 + iWatch combine launch was something Apple watchers could look forward. But the latest reports have not confirmed a release that includes both products.

In fact, rumors pointed to speculation of an iWatch release during the Worldwide Developer’s Conference 2014 in California. However, there was no iWatch forthcoming at the WWDC 2014, leaving Apple fans disappointed.

‘iWatch watchers’ expect to see a brand new revolutionary product that is a game changer, just like the iPhone was when it was introduced. Apart from that, the Apple watch is  a lifestyle change, a theme that was recently promoted at the MWC 2014 in Barcelona, which includes tracking health and fitness: the iWatch will input data on sleep, calorie intake, pulse monitor and blood oxygen; sounds like the perfect one stop shop for a checkup without going to the Dr.’s.

Nikkei reported that the iWatch will operate on an iOS that is currently in use with the iPad and iPhone: “‘The new watch-like wearable gear will run on this OS, which will be equipped with a centralized function to manage users’ biometric information via smartphones.”

According to a supplier for the Cupertino firm in Taiwan, a variety of features like a round shape and a thin design form were part of Apple’s form factor for the iWatch.Tech analysts say that the design concept shown to them by Taiwanese suppliers are contrary to the curved, square display, which is more like the Moto 360.

New York analyst Brian Blair shared that one supplier revealed an iWatch design close to the 360 in ‘him/her’ versions. Earlier reports had suggested a curved, square like screen like the one found in the G Watch or Samsung’s Gear range. The analysis was produced by Brian Blair from Rosenblatt Securities.

Blair is convinced that the hotly anticipated iWatch will look more than a traditional watch than anything else. Leave it to Apple and CEO Tim Cook’s team to add more flamboyance to the iWatch, which lends itself to expensive displays made of precious stones like sapphire. Hyping up the accessory features like the wrist band to draw in more style can easily raise the prices on a ‘high-tier’ iWatch, once sales of the prototype have been measured.

The iWatch’s icons are rounded, so it would make sense to have a circular display screen. The current design suggests a concept design close to those  created by Mark Bell from Belmdesigns.

According to predictions, the iWatch is expected to go on the assembly line in July. With a likely release of the iPhone 6 in September and and October event to unveil the iWatch, Apple VP Eddy Cue was quoted as saying: ‘Later this year, we’ve got the best product pipeline that I’ve seen in my 25 years at Apple.’

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