Apple Launches New iPhone Ad Campaign That Reveals ‘Why There’s Nothing Quite Like iPhone’

Apple Launches New iPhone Ad Campaign That Reveals 'Why There's Nothing Quite Like iPhone'
Apple Launches New iPhone Ad Campaign That Reveals 'Why There's Nothing Quite Like iPhone'

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Apple unveiled an online minisite as part of the company’s “If it’s not an iPhone” ad campaign.
Apple strongly believes that every single phone “should be more than a collection of features.” The tech giant is now going to the extent of bringing its latest campaign to the company’s main home page and its iPhone pages.  This further builds on an array of recent ads that emphasize on an iPhone tagline, “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.”

The campaign boasts of a scrolling feature page that effectively draws attention to several aspects of Apple as well as the iPhone that separates the device from its rivals.
“Every iPhone we’ve made – and we mean every single one – was built on the same belief. That a phone should be more than a collection of features. That, above all, a phone should be absolutely simple, beautiful, and magical to use,” the ad campaign reads, per MacRumors .
In addition, the campaign always throws light on the slew of Apple’s built-in apps and tools that make text, audio, and video messaging not only free but also effortless. Furthermore, it highlights how Apple’s apps track fitness and activity aside from controlling devices around the home. This, along with accessibility features ensures that the iPhone’s features are available to a large number of people.
Apple also calls attention to its support network, from its chat support, AppleCare phone and its retail stores.
Is Apple Taking Shots At Android?
Some of the minisites seem to be taking a jab at Android, especially a statement about iOS updates that emphasize that the new updates along with new features are available to iPhone users without requiring them to do anything. Moreover, these updates are not only compatible with the phone but are also free.
Apparently, the minisite and the ads are targeted at those casual smartphone users who could hardly tell an iPhone from an Android phone. For these smartphone users, there’s a link in the mini-site that talks about how Apple has enabled a switch from Android to iOS. Migration apps that make going from Android to iOS a walk in the park, PhoneArena noted.
Apple focuses on security and personal data on the other parts of the site. Apple affirms that everything an individual wants in a smartphone, is native to the iPhone.

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