Apple Reveals Update Details Prior To iOS 8 Release Date! Console-Quality Graphics Engine, Enhanced User Features Showcase Potential

Apple iOS 8 release date comes with a surprise console gamers should be excited about.

The iOS 8 update comes with a graphics engine that’s at par with console technology. Dubbed as “Metal,” it’s available for the iPhone and iPad, and developed to maximize the potential of the mobile devices.

Metal was part of the announcements during the WWDC, with game developers working on projects using it. EA Games, Epic Games, Crytek, and Unity are the first few to offer Metal-engine releases.

Epic Games founder showcased an Unreal 4 Tech demo during the event. The “Zen Garden” showcases the potential of the engine, and it will be available as free sample on the Apple iOS 8 release date.

Video footage of a new Plants vs. Zombies game was also revealed (“Garden Warfare”), but Apple or Pop Cap Games have yet to confirm if the title will be based on

Metal graphics technology, or whether it’ll be an iOS 8 release.

The iOS 8 isn’t an overhaul, but there are plenty of changes that differentiate it from previous iOS 7 updates. The notification center and mail features are enhanced.

Users can now reply to notifications, directly from the lock screen. Notification widgets are also available for third-party applications. Additional function to a double-tap will also pull up your favorite contacts on screen.

The Apple iOS 8 release date will also follow through on the mail problems the iOS 7.1.2 will address. New flagging and marking features, a new search interface, and an updated Spotlight that offers a wider selection of apps, text messages, music tracks, and news are but a few of the enhancements delivered by the iOS 8.

The Apple iOS 8 release date is in the fall, and the WWDC reveal give users a clearer picture of what the next-gen iPhone and iPad will look like (


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