Apple Should Cease iPhone Sales In UK If ‘Stupid’ New Bill Gets Approved: Jimi Wales

Apple Should Cease iPhone Sales In UK If ‘Stupid’ New Bill Gets Approved: Jimi Wales

Apple Should Cease iPhone Sales In UK If ‘Stupid’ New Bill Gets Approved: Jimi Wales

Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales, has called out Apple to cease selling its iPhone in the United Kingdom, if the UK Government approves a bill which puts a ban on fully encrypted communication.
“I would like to see Apple refuse to sell iPhone in UK if gov’t bans end-to-end encryption. Does Parliament dare be that stupid?” Jimmy wrote on Twitter.

Proposals in the Investigatory Powers Bill, announced Wednesday by Theresa May, will mandate internet and technology companies to hand over unencrypted communications to the police or spy agencies if requested through a warrant. The bill will also require internet companies to retain the browsing history of their customers for up to a year, reported the Telegraph .
Apple iPhones include a messaging programme called iMessage which uses strong end-to-end encryption. The Cupertino currently says that it cannot not give iMessage data to authorities even if it wanted to, because of the strong encryption it uses.
However, once the bill is approved, Apple and other tech giants including Facebook, WhatsApp, and Google, who are also on their way to introduce strong end-to-end encryption in their messaging systems, would be left with no other option but to provide unencrypted communications to the government authorities when called for.
British Prime Minister David Cameron is in full support of the Surveillance Law. He has urged the MPs to support his list of new surveillance measures. According to him, criminals, pedophiles, and terrorists shouldn’t be allowed to have safe space online, reported ValueWalk .
UK Home Office spokesman said, “The Government is clear we need to find a way to work with industry as technology develops to ensure that, with clear oversight and a robust legal framework, the police and intelligence agencies can access the content of communications of terrorists and criminals in order to resolve police investigations and prevent criminal acts.”

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