Apple Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC 2014: Apple’s Focus On Home Automation A ‘Brave Move’ To Bridge The Gap With Android

In technology news WWDC 2014 has begun at the Moscone Conference Center in San Francisco. Basically, the conference will showcase all the technologies and latest updates and tools for the millions of iPads, iPhones and Mac PCs used around the world.

2013 was a year releasing new iPhones, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. This year will focus on more relevant technologies for its products and some new hardware options. The new OS releases will also enhance performance on Apple’s gadgets. Analysts agree that Apple has turned around its lack of innovation in several areas and that it’s headed in the right direction.

One of these innovations is Apple’s new concept of healthcare and its desire to be a leader in health automation and apps. The tech industry sees healthcare as a potentially lucrative market with firms like Samsung having kept a strict time line to get an early lead on releases,  unveiling watches with heart rate monitors. However, analysts say  Apple’s focus  on home automation is a bigger  move.

Meanwhile Matthew Knight, Head of Innovation at Carat, says, “The launch of Health Kit and Home Kit is driving forward the future of the    internet of things and the growing volume of data generated by connected    devices offers brands great opportunities to reach the right person at the    right time.

However, the limitless potential of data can be worrying and pose potential    security questions. Should the moral obligations lie with the platforms who    offer the opportunity to connect this data – or with the developers    producing the applications and infrastructure, which make use of the data?”

A 1965 Mustang outfitted with Car Play will be parked in the conference center lobby of the Moscone Center for tech enthusiasts to see how Car Play works.

According to Jason Jenkins, director of content at CNET, WWDC 2014 is the most ambitious developer conference the Cupertino firm has hosted for several years. Apple is offering a number of big  initiatives and  tweaks to the products already on the market. This also establishes a sense of continuity whereas software and products solely for the upcoming iPhone 6 would be of less value.

In addition, the offerings and products at the Apple WWDC 2014 has bridged a widening gap with Android –  from installing your preferred keyboard on your iPhone,  to enabling fitness apps having information from several health gadgets.

It closed the gap with Android by letting you install your own keyboard on    an iPhone. It got into fitness in a big way with an app that collates    information from all the heath gadgets out there. iPhones, iPads and Macs are able to collaborate like they’ve never done before.

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