Apple WWDC 2014 Conference Coolest In Years: Mac More Relevant With iOS Features, Connect To iPhone’s WiFi

Apple WWDC 2014 Conference was the coolest in years, according to most analysts with two major operating systems releases , including OS X Yosemite

and iOS 8, and many many  exciting apps and tools that could trigger innovations at the Cupertino firm. The novel OS will further combine the user experience keeping devices connected. This is an exciting phase for Apple, although no major releases were unveiled – the hotly anticipated iWatch or the iPhone 6.

At a time when the Windows PC and its equivalent, the Mac are played down next to more sophisticated siblings like smartphones and tabs, Apple has made it possible for the Macbook to stay relevant with apps that connect to the iPhone. This should give the Mac more running time before becoming obsolete, since many users still ‘swear by the Mac.’

Chris Smith of BGR says, “A Mac running 

Yosemite will now recognize when an iPhone is near it, and will be able to pick  up calls and make calls through the iPhone’s cellular connection. Users  will also be able to simply click on a phone number shown on a website  to start a phone call, or select a person from Contacts, Calendar or  Message to initiate a call.”

Another smart feature that extends connectivity with the Mac and iOS devices is linked to the  iPhone’s ability to tap into cellular data  connectivity.

The entire setup to establish an Hotspot connection in an iPhone in proximity of a Mac, the Mac user can link to the iPhone’s data network through Wi-Fi. The feature should be available on the iPhone, when a separate Wi-Fi  connection isn’t available. The Mac can also show the iPhone’s signal strength  and battery life.

“Handoff Macs will be able to continue apps started on iOS and vice  versa, on top of to the aforementioned calls and messages apps. Handoff  will also work with Mail, Safari, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps,  Messages, Reminders, Calendar and Contacts, while developers will be  able to add Handoff support to their apps,” reports BGR.

The catch-22 is that Apple’s continuity vision will work on the Mac if its user has iOS devices, such as iPhones, and iPads.

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