Ariana Grande And Jai Brooks: Love Is Lovelier The Second Time Around! The Couple Try To Keep Their Relationship Low-Key, Source Says ‘They Are Really Happy’

Fans of the pop princess Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks were delighted to hear about their reunion last May. The two young stars broke up last fall because of cheating accusations, but gladly the Aussie heartthrob realized his mistakes and won over his ex-girlfriend.

The lovebirds used Twitter to share their feelings for each other, which got all their fans more excited. Seeing them tweet the big words “I Love You” and other mushy messages are really cute. Despite their busy schedule, the Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks were able to rekindle their love.

In fact, a source told Hollywood Life that the couple’s relationship is even better. I guess the saying, “Love is lovelier the second time around” worked for the 20-year old singer and 19-year old comedian. The source said, “Ariana and Jai are great. They spend as much time together as possible and are really happy.”

That’s good to know because it is quite difficult to maintain a relationship when you are both celebrities. Not only do they have to allot time for each other despite the busy schedule, but they also need to avoid getting into controversies.

Hollywood Life reported that Ariana Grande and Jai Brook’s secret is that they try to keep their relationship low-key. “Ariana doesn’t go in public that much. She usually just hangs out at home with friends,” a source revealed.

The insider added, “They watch movies, Jai draws and they listen to music. Pretty basic.”

It’s really nice to see the couple doing wholesome things together unlike other celebs that love to party and get drunk with their famous friends.

However, there will always be trials in every relationship. Ariana and Jai will have to spend less time together once the songstress begins her tour in October and the Youtube sensation joins the Janoskians’ tour in September.

In an interview with Sugarscape, the Melbourne-born prankster admitted how much difficult it was for him not to see “The Way” hitmaker. Jai said, “Last year when I was on tour was also pretty hard. But it’s all worth it.” He added, “Things get pretty hard at times because we miss each other.”

Do you think the relationship of Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks will last for a long time?

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