Ariana Grande And Jai Brooks: Nathan Sykes Is Happy For The Pop Princess! Tweets A Photo Of His New Girl! Wrote ‘She Is The Cutest Thing On The Planet’

Fans of the cute Hollywood couple were happy to see Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks reunite. The pop princess started dating the YouTube sensation in August 2012, but they relationship ended in July 2013.

A few months after they broke up, Ariana Grande got linked to Nathan Sykes of the boy group The Wanted. Unfortunately, their relationship only lasted for three months. The former Nickelodeon star focused more on her singing career, but Jai Brooks started to rekindle his love for his ex-girlfriend.

During an interview with Entertainment Wise, the Aussie comedian admitted how much they missed each other. Jai said, “Going back into dating again and talking. We still missed each other while we weren’t with each other.” He added, “I was going out with her before she became a pop princess.”

After news broke that Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks have reconciled, photos of the couple kissing leaked on the internet. Nathan Sykes must have seen that that’s why he suddenly posted a sweet message on Twitter.

The Wanted singer wrote, “I will always be happy for other people’s happiness.” He added, “In a way it’s just nice to see them smile.” That’s really nice of him to do that, so it only goes to show that he has already moved on from Ariana.  

Fans of the British heartthrob are now wondering if he has found a new girlfriend. It is easier to move on if you have found a new love. Nathan teased his followers on Instagram by posting a photo of himself holding a dog. He captioned that photo, “I’ve got a new girl in my life she’s called Minnie and is the cutest thing on the planet.”

Nathan also tweeted randomly, “That was a really special moment in my life. One I will never forget. Still here for you.” Could that message be for Ariana? I’m sure Nathan won’t have a hard time finding a new girl, but she may not match the level of the pop princess.

How do you feel about the relationship of Ariana Grande and Jai Brooks? Do you prefer Nathan Sykes as her boyfriend?

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