Arrow Season 3 Spoilers: Harley Quinn Return, Laurel As Canary And Getting Back Together With Oliver! Did Katie Cassidy Reveal The Death Of Detective Lance?


The cast and crew of Arrow has dished out some Arrow season 3 spoilers and what they said have shown fans a glimpse of what to expect in Arrow season 3.

The hyped up third season of Arrow is just around the corner, and fans can’t wait what’s going to happen in one of television’s most favored comic book heroes.

Season 2 of the television adaptation of DC’s Green Arrow ended with Sarah Lance giving her mask to her sister, Laurel Lance, so she can join the League of Assassins. Katie Cassidy, the actress who plays Laurel Lance, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about her new responsibility of taking over Bird of Prey.

“Obviously, getting involved in Team Arrow and taking her through this alter ego, if she does. I mean the jacket fits, but I’m not the writers. But I think I’m excited for her to fight, kick some ass,” said Cassidy during the interview, as reported by Classicalite.

The actress also talked about the injury that Laurel and Sara’s father obtained during the last episode of the last season. When asked about how the characters would feel if their father passed away next season, Cassidy attests that it will be difficult for her character.

“It would be devastating, because they’re very close. He’s the closest thing to her. I definitely think it would be a difficult thing for her, but come on, Laurel’s gone through so much. If anybody could deal with it, it’d be her,” revealed Cassidy in the same interview.

Cassidy also dished out details on the possible reconciliation of Laurel with ex-boyfriend, Oliver Queen.

“I think that she really embraced the fact that he’s the Arrow, and it made her love him so much more and it made sense going with the comics that she becomes this Canary, because Canary and Arrow are together. We’ll see though. You never know what the writers are going to write,” added the actress in the same Entertainment Weekly interview.

The Arrow season 2 ended its finale with a host of shocking moments. But it’s possible that no one moment was more shocking than when Oliver (Stephen Amell) told Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) he loved her — shortly before the audience found out it was part of the plan to defeat Slade Wilson.

While Arrow left what that meant personally on an ambiguous note, Stephen Amell promises that fans won’t have to wait very long for more clarity on the situation.

“I’ll tell you what — whether or not that was a use, a bait-and-switch, he really meant it — we’re gonna find out very early on in Season 3 if he actually meant it,” Amell says in an interview with CelebTV.

With Harley Quinn and rest of Suicide Squad set to return for Arrow season 3, the next season is bound to become an action-packed season.

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