Arzaylea Bad For Luke Hemmings? ‘Rude’ Girlfriend No Match For ‘Nice Guy’ 5SOS Guitarist?

Arzaylea Bad For Luke Hemmings? 'Rude' Girlfriend No Match For 'Nice Guy' 5SOS Guitarist?

Arzaylea Bad For Luke Hemmings? 'Rude' Girlfriend No Match For 'Nice Guy' 5SOS Guitarist?

Is Luke Hemmings losing fans for the 5SOS guitarist’s relationship with girlfriend Arzaylea?
About five days ago, a Twitter user claimed that Arzaylea was rude to 5SOS fans.
The Twitter account  is set to private, but Hollywood Take  had the dirt on what really went down.

“As I got my camera up this security guard out of know where pulled me away from him and was like you need to leave and leave him alone we don’t want people knowing he is here,” Hollywood Take quoted the Twitter user as writing. “and as I looked back he was already standing with arzaylea and she gave me a dirty look.”
“Then as I got into [the concert] I looked to my right and seen arzaylea walking my way and as I made eye contact with her she literally looked me up and down and laughed at me and rolled her eyes and looked away making a disgusted face so then I felt ever worse,” @_lukesbigbanana concluded. “Long story short arzaylea is a b—h I literally did nothing to her. F–k her. ”
Luke Hemmings’ rumored girlfriend Arzaylea, meanwhile, is not shy about confronting 5SOS fans. On her Twitter , she wrote, “people will literally believe anything online. seriously get your head out of your a*s.”
“Like your nonexistent relationship with luke,” one fan retorted.
“Having an online rant about how its everyones fault and wonder why people dont like you lols,” another said.
Another dished some advice, “how about politely correcting them instead of being a rude b*tch?”
Although 5SOS star Luke Hemmings has been coy about their relationship, Arzaylea took to Instagram  and shared a photo where she cuddled up to Luke Hemmings as she went in for a kiss. She wrote, “mah lurve.”
That should probably cast aside any doubt whether or not Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea are dating.

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