Ashton Irwin Leaves 5SOS, Follows Zayn Malik’s Footsteps? Band Recruits New Drummer! Michael Clifford Teases New Album Release For 2015!

Ashton Irwin Leaves 5SOS
Ashton Irwin Leaves 5SOS

5SOS have recruited a new drummer for their “Rock Out With Your Socks Out” tour.

Is Ashton Irwin being replaced? Before fans of 5SOS start writing petition letters, the band has confirmed that their new member was only hired to help out on the “Rock Out With Your Socks Out.” Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin are still very much together as a band.

Rumors of Ashton Irwin started circulating online when 5SOS left a cryptic tweet about a new band member.

It read: “@robbiewilliams Hey man!!! Hope the tours going well! Sorry we stole you’re drummer, hopefully well see ya soon.” Ashton Irwin further slammed rumors by posting photos of behind the scenes rehearsal for their upcoming world tour.

In other Ashton Irwin news, the Daily Mail has pointed out that the drummer seemed to have ditched his grungy boy band look for a more sophisticated style.

The 5SOS member was seen in Sydney in a very stylish leather jacket, which surprised fans as he was always seen wearing graphic printed tees.

During the iHeart Radio Music Awards, 5sos revealed that they were planning to release an album, however, they wanted to give their fans something different this time around.

Guitarist Michael Clifford refused to give further details on when they will be releasing the track, but assured 5SOS fans that it will be this 2015.

“We’ve written most of it, and we’re recording it now.

We’ll release it when it’s right, whether it’s on the tour or at the end of the tour.

New music will definitely be out this year,” he said, via Fashion and Style .

It was also revealed that 5SOS is working with Good Charlotte for their next album.

“They’ve had a big role in the album this time, even more so than the last album.

It’s been really fun,” said Luke Hemmings.

“We really look up to them, their whole movement as a band.

It’s amazing they’re on board with us.

They’re great dudes,” he added.

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