Assassin’s Creed Movie: Desmond Miles Reduced To Cameo Role As Michael Fassbender Reportedly Set To Leave The Project! Is The Video Game Adapation Film Doomed?


The Assassin’s Creed movie set to shoot without Michael Fassbender? If reports are to be believed then the “X-Men Days of Future Past” star is leaving the project.

The Hollywood News Hound has reported that Michael Fassbender has left the Assassin’s Creed movie due to the lack of updates from the studio. Michael Fassbender was a proponent of the film plot being identical of the games’ plot but according to reports, the plot has changed to a more “original” storyline that differs from the game.

According to the report of the Hollywood News Hound, the Assassin’s Creed movie will be a thriller in vein of the “Da Vinci” code movies and that it would feature no parkour sequences and the action scenes are similar to the ones shown on the Bourne movies.  Michael Fassbender is not going to play Desmond Miles but a different character created for the movie. Desmond Miles is reportedly going to be referenced in passing only, and he would be reduced to a cameo role. Ezio Auditore, Altair and the rest of the featured assassins in Assassin’s Creed will not appear in the movie at all but they would be referenced in the film.

While this rumor has not been confirmed it has put some doubt into the minds of the fans of Assassin’s Creed.

As reported by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage are rewriting the movie, who apparently did the script for ‘Exodus: Gods & Kings’.

The Assassin’s Creed movie is slated to be out on August 2015.

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