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‘Assembly’ Jang Hyun Sung Gives Power To Jung Jae Young

'Assembly' Jang Hyun Sung Gives Power To Jung Jae Young

In “Assembly” Jang Hyun Sung wanted to encourage Jung Jae Young and then resigned.
On the 20 th and final episode of KBS 2TV Wednesday/Thursday drama “Assembly” (script Jung Hyun Min, director) broadcast on September 17 th Baek Do Hyun (played by Jang Hyun Sung) opened up a press conference with regards to his resignation.

On this day, Baek Do Hyun (played by Park Young Kyu) said to Bae Dahl Soo (played by Son Byung Ho) that he should hold an opposing press conference.  This conference would raise the fact that the main conference should not be raised again.  With that, they were deep in contemplation.
In a situation where Baek Do Hyun saw that even his secretary Lim Kyu Tae (played by Jung Hee Tae) was being threatened,he decided what he was going to do after meeting Choi In Kyung 9played by Song Yoon Ah).  Baek Do Hyun opened up a press conference.  With that, he stressed that the law should be raised again to congress.  With that, he declared that he was going to throw a vote in favor of this.
Baek Do Hyun said, “I defrauded the citizens and I defrauded myself.  I will resign from everything including the committee.  Next year, I won’t even throw my hat into the ring with regards to the elecdtion.  With regards to all the rumors with Lim Ryu Tae, I will reveal all the facts as I will go to the prosecutors.”

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