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‘Assembly’ Jung Jae Young Retires Congress

'Assembly' Jung Jae Young Retires Congress

On the final episode of KBS 2TV Wednesday/Thursday drama “Assembly” (script Jung Hyun Min, director Hwang In Kyuk, Choi Yoon Suk, director KBS media), the issues were resolved regarding the Bae Dahl Soo Law.  This was the law where they were going to give another chance to someone who had failed.  As this had gone through Congress with approval, the only thing that was remaining was the approval of the president.  Nonetheless, the president had veoted this.  With that, Jin Sang Pil (played by Jung Jae Young) decided that he was going to resign and decided to raise this piece of legislation again.

Such was a shock to everyone.  Nonetheless, he said, “Whether you’re in the majority or minority party, let me just ask you.  Please raise the issue of the Bae Dahl Soo law again in Congress this week.  Regardless of whether it’s approved or rejected, please allow me to vote with my hands again.  This is my last wish and favor that I’ll ask as congressman.”

Jin Sang Pil wanted to have a law that would help people go forth despite the resignation of his position from politics.  Nonetheless, even his own party members were avoiding hima s the challenges continued.

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