Avatar 2 Movie News: Real Name Of Disney’s ‘Avatar Land’ Unveiled – Pandora: The Land Of Avatar, To Be Opened Between Avatar 2 and Avatar 3

As early as 2011, the much-awaited union between the high-grossing film, ‘Avatar’, and Walt Disney World has already been confirmed. James Cameron, Avatar’s director, and Disney announced that Avatar will be joining the Animal Kingdom Theme Park in Florida. Since the official announcement, news has already leaked out the tons of concept art that are rumored to be integrated in the immersive environment of Disney’s ‘Avatar Land’. The public’s excitement has also perked up after the different attractions that the fans could look forward to have also been revealed. However, for such a long time, the ‘Avatar Land’ has been lacking of an official name. The area that will be replacing Camp Minnie-Mickey has been generally referred to as the ‘Avatar Land’.

Fortunately, the question no longer remains unanswered. In a recent interview at the Los Angeles Hero Complex Film Festival, the director of the top-grossing movie revealed that the park will be named as ‘Pandora: The Land of Avatar’. Pandora is said to be one of the largest expansions in the history of Disney.

The award-winning director further shared, “It’s going to have floating mountains. It’s pretty cool. I’ve seen the model and the design work the Imagineering people have done is spectacular. They’ve got a quarter inch to the foot scale model of the whole park and I’ve looked at all the sight lines. It’s not a park…it’s a land within a park.” “There will be several rides and a number of other attractions. It’s really just a place you’re gonna want to go and hang out. It’s gonna be gorgeous,” Cameron proudly claimed.

No official target date for the opening of Pandora has been pegged yet. However, both Cameron and Disney has set their sights on 2017, which will mean that the park will be opened in between the release schedules of Avatar 2 and Avatar 3. Construction has commenced earlier this year.

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