Avengers 2 Spoilers: Black Widow Rides The First Electric Harley Davidson! Scarlett Johansson’s Character Gets A New Costume! Source Says ‘Her Suit Is Said To Be More TRON-Style’

Previous “Avengers 2” spoilers revealed that Tony Stark will be providing global security for his team. He is also responsible for creating new costumes and weapons for the superheroes. In short, some of The Avengers will be getting a makeover.

JoBlo reported that The Avengers will be wearing the letter “A” logo on their costume, which was seen on Chris Evans during his location shoot in South Korea. The website said, “All (or most) of The Avengers will be rocking an Avengers logo on their costumes, courtesy of the upgrade to each superhero’s duds, thanks to Stark.”

Apart from getting a cool logo, new “Avengers 2” spoilers were revealed. According to JoBlo, Black Widow will not only have batons, but she will also get a new costume. It’s still pretty much the same as the old one except for some new features.

The website said, “Her suit is said to be more TRON-style in nature with blue lights and electricity around the suit.” They added, “Her enemies will now receive electric shocks or a widow’s sting when she hits them, giving her more of a superhero edge amongst her super-powered counterparts.”

I’m pretty sure Scarlett Johansson will look totally hot in that new outfit. Are you ready for more “Avengers 2” spoilers? Since Robert Downey Jr’s character will be quite busy inside the Stark Towers, then he also has time to work on cool transportations.

In previous reports, Tony Stark will also be creating a new Quinjet, which was originally designed by Black Panther’s group. One of the Quinjets was destroyed, but Stark was able to take the remaining jets and he will let the new Avengers use that.

Apart from that awesome-looking jet, the business mogul could have also created Black Widow’s new ride. According to Superhero Hype, Scarlett Johansson’s character will drive the first electric Harley Davidson in.

The Chief Marketing Officer of Harley Davidson, Mark-Hans Richer, told the Associated Press: “This has never been about an electric car. For us, it’s been more about an electric guitar: expressive, emotional, fun.”

The motorcycle company’s lead engineer Jeff Richlen revealed, “If you hear it in a true passby, it will sound like…a fighter jet flying by.” What do you think of the latest “Avengers 2” spoilers? Are you excited to see Black Widow’s new look and ride on the big screen?

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