Avicii Concert Boston Electronic Dance Show Fans Intoxicated, 800 Hospitalized,, 25 Treated

Avicii Concert Boston

Music-goers Sick From Intoxication: An electronic dance concert on Wednesday at the TD Garden arena in Boston came to the music show intoxicated from drugs and alcohol. Many of the concert attendees, who were from the Boston area were taken to the hospital from TD Garden.


McCorkle, a TD Garden spokesperson told The Associate Press Press that


Avicii concert in Boston ended up in a number of people being transported for medical treatment. The EMS (Emergency Medical Service) helped 22 people to get medical care while 12 others were being monitored.


Bosse, the EMS Deputy Superintendent said he was in

touch with the Boston Police Licensing Division, which questioned why TD Garden had allowed so many people who were intoxicated to enter the show.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Live Nation, Avicii

‘s Boston concert promoter, Jacqueline Peterson shared that the early instances of intoxication of

Avicii music fans at the Boston show were those that could not be admitted inside the Garden because they were heavily intoxicated. They were also gathered around the Garden, outside the venue and were not allowed in.

According to a statement from the police, approximately 800 fans received medical treatment while 25 people were taken to the hospital while taking part in the

three-day music gala. The night shows from Friday to Sunday featured a wide range of visual effects ranging from flashing and pulsing lights, 7 stage music with

DJs including

Avicii, Afrojack,, Tiesto and


Organizers say that approximately

400,000 fans were part of the

Las Vegas Motor Speedway show and

134,000 fans attended the night shows. Two persons were pronounced dead at a

Las Vegas music festival that included

Avicii, currently a big name in electronic dance music.

Officials said it would take many weeks to figure out what was the actual cause of death of the Electric Daisy Carnival fans.


‘s’ concert dance routine appears to be intense and

rigorous, non-stop dancing for three days to electronic dance could have had a deleterious effect on the concert goers.

Source: YouTube, Avicii concert

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