Aviva Drescher RUINING Real Housewives Of New York City! [VIDEO] Annoying RHONY Star Shows More Fears Phobias And Fakeness As She Blames Asthma On Why She Won’t Go To Montana

  Aviva Drescher ruining Real Housewives Of New York City! Bravo just doesn’t quite understand how much Aviva is ruining our beloved show. Housewives execs think that just because we dislike a Housewives character, it mean we enjoy hating them. That’s not true! Sometimes we just dislike them so much, that we refuse to tune in. And if Aviva Drescher isn’t through ruingin our show, that’s exactly what I’m going do…tune out. Aviva, her phobias, and Bookgate are getting older than Sonja Morgan’s teeth on the Real Housewives Of New York City. Drescher is faker than Lisa Hochstein’s face and her book will be as genuine as Brandi Glanville’s cheeks. Yes, it’s sad what happened to Aviva Drescher as a child, but if she wants to be treated like everybody else, like she said in her very first 

episode of The Real Housewives of New York City, then maybe it’s time for Aviva to shut up about her leg and zillions of phobias!

This week Aviva blames asthma on why she can’t go to Montana. It’s so obvious that Aviva is dillusional. But her husband enables Drescher and lets her get away with acting completely insane. it’s unclear if Aviva will be returning next season. Aviva Drescher said herself, “But right now what happened was, I didn’t go to the Berkshires because I had to go visit my kids at sleepaway camp so I didn’t film that 

weekend,” she said. “I’m going to be on the rest of the season. … But if they do ever fire me, it’s not something I would get depressed about. I could live with that.” I don’t know who disguts me more. Aviva or her perverted father? Aviva pulls out a nasty text about a threesome during a charity event, but her yucky dad is the one spreading the false rumors. So who is actually worse? Though Ramona was very rude to his fiance, bringing up her deceased parents at her engagement party, he still gives me the creeps  Aviva Drescher really needs ger be fired from Real Housewives Of New York City.   There have been rumors for a while that Drescher could be fired because she didn’t attend the RHONY madatory  with the other Housewives during the season. But According to Rumor Fix, there is no truth to the rumors and Aviva is still going to remain on RHONY. Damn! Thought we could finally lose the crazy blond for good. We’d would love Aviva to get the boot! 

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