Awkward Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: Eva’s True Identity Revealed! The Other Revelation Would Shock You! Find Out What Happened In The Season Finale ‘Snow Job’!

It was the time of the year for the Seniors to have their ski trip. Jenna’s parents tagged along because they wanted more time to spend with her, since she’ll be leaving for college. She just wanted to enjoy the trip even if she’s alone and wanted to stay away from Matty and Eva to avoid trouble.

At the bus, Sadie and Matty talked and he told her different stuff Eva told him. Of course, Sadie got furious and acted violently. Val didn’t want to tolerate her behavior so she kicked her out. To get back at Eva, Sadie investigated.

Jenna was in the single line and texted Luke that she wished he was there. Shortly, he came and taught her to ski. After that, they cuddled for a while at the cabin. Eva planned another evil deed making Jenna look like the bad person.

Luke was disappointed with the drama and went away for a while. Jenna wanted to apologize and asked him to meet her somewhere. Sadie called her to tell that Eva was a big liar and it wasn’t even her real name. She rushed to Matty to tell him about it, but they were nowhere to be found. Indeed, Jenna was not able to meet with Luke so he left.

Sadie went to the mountains to warn Matty and expose Eva. With the help of Sergio, they found them staying at a cabin nearby. Matty already knew everything and Eva said she was pregnant. Jenna told him that she was just concerned for him. Sadie argued with Eva because she won’t believe whatever she says.

Next morning, Jenna called Luke. He dumped her and said that it just wasn’t the right time. She told Sadie and she felt sorry for her. Matty asked Eva to take the pregnancy test again just to make sure and she agreed. To everyone’s shock, it was positive.

She can’t lie her way around the pregnancy test. Is the baby really Matty’s? It will be a long wait to find out. Awkward will be returning on fall.

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