Awkward Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: A Night Of Firsts For The High School Seniors! What Firsts? Find Out In The Latest Episode ‘Prison Breaks’!

The boys are in trouble

Matty and Jake spent their first time and first night in jail for being caught with alcoholic drinks in the car. Matty wasn’t able to handle the situation well when asked by a police officer which lead them to prison.

Jake had been constantly weary for he was preventing to have a fecal accident. Matty thought he had found a friend, but he almost got in trouble. Good thing was, Sadie rescued the.

Since the girls were not having their best night, Jenna convinced Tamara to drive to South Western University to surprise Luke and to spend the night with college boys. To their surprise, Luke was with a girl in his bed. Jenna was out of words, but Tamara said everything that was needed to be blurted out. Another bombshell was dropped, she was just Luke’s bestfriend and she’s gay.

Luke was supposed to be studying for his midterms and Jenna wanted to help him out but she just made herself insufferable. They also got stuck in the rooftop which was her fault. Unintentionally, Luke uttered hurtful words which made Jenna upset, however he explained that he had to study well for his scholarship.

Tamara spent the night with Luke’s bestfriend. They were really hitting it off, until Shane made a move on Tamara. Nevertheless, she kissed her and spent the night with her.

Jenna and Tamara went back to Jenna’s place and found Eva chatting with her mom’s friends. They went to her room to talk privately, while Tamara told the other girls that she kissed a girl. Eva told herabout what happened with Matty and Jake and Jenna gladly helped.

On the other hand, when Eva came to pick up Matty, she told him that Jenna was rude and insulted Matty’s brother. They kissed and probably did something more than that.

The seniors went on exploring new frontiers and hopefully learned a lesson out of it. “Awkward” airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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