Awkward Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: My Personal Statement Versus Your Dirty Laundry! What Is Jenna And Tamara’s Dillema?

It was the day of submission of college applications. Everyone was getting ready; Jenna even had Luke read her essay if it was good enough. Luke found it good and said that she was ready for college.

Since the last time Jenna and Tamara went to SCU, they hadn’t been really talking about college for they already know that they will be parting ways. Jenna invited her bestfriend to hang out for the night so they can send their college applications together. They were both elated since it was a long time since they’ve spent time.

Matty and Eva seemed like they were together. Jenna and he were off lately for reasons she didn’t know. He asked her for help for his personal statement in his college application. She was glad to help and sent it to him during the night. Matty and Eva drove around to celebrate and when he asked her to check if Jenna sent the mail, she denied and deleted it. Matty got anxious when he found out that Jenna was out celebrating, but had not sent him the essay.

Luke dropped by Jenna’s home so they can celebrate. Tamara felt like she was the third wheel so she wanted to go home. However, Jenna convinced that they should hang out together and Luke agreed that they all get frozen yogurt.

Matty acted inappropriately when he bossed Jenna around for his essay. She got pissed and insisted that they would stay and also told him “Why don’t you go get it yourself?” So Matty and Eva went back to Jenna’s place and when he got it, she tried to seduce him to do something on Jenna’s bed. Matty disagreed so they got out, but Eva said that she left her phone and went back to Jenna’s room.

When Jenna and Tamara got home and was about to sleep, Tamara found a dirty underwear on Jenna’s bed. But she said that it wasn’t hers so they concluded that it was Eva’s.

Jenna’s personal statement said that she was invisible when she started high school, but has since found her voice. Then, Eva walked up and Jenna gave her the underwear she left. She apologized and that she knows how Matty is. Jenna replied that even if Matty and her may not be okay right now, she knew that he will never do something on her bed and whatever games she was playing, that she’s out.

She walks away and finds Sadie, Lisa, and Tamara. Sadie talked up and said, “I got nothing Hamilton.” Indeed, Jenna definitely got her voice.

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